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Taelyn is One!! 02/18/2017Unadilla, NY
Merry Christmas! 02/14/2017Unadilla, NY
Welcome Waylon! 02/07/2017Unadilla, NY
The Fairgrieve Girls! 01/29/2017Unadilla, NY
Ty is 3! 01/29/2017Unadilla, NY
Vayda is One!! 01/29/2017Unadilla, NY
Kensley is 2!! 01/22/2017Unadilla, NY
Suzanne is 6 months! 01/22/2017Unadilla, NY
Xavier is 6 months! 01/22/2017Unadilla, NY
William is 3 months 12/03/2016Unadilla, NY
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